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Hans van Koolwijk:       "Born in a happy Dutch family,

I studied technology in my adolescence, and became

a teacher in fine arts in my twenties. I moved slowly from the woods in the Dutch South to the city of Amsterdam,

and focused finally on sound art in my thirties. This step

led me into new and unknown worlds in which I was free

to be a pioneer and develop myself. I could use all my abillities, such as my skills as a constructor, my interest

in natural science, and my musical talents. I am a

designer-builder now, as well as a composer-performer,

and my slogan became:  

                         S o u n d   i s   m a t t e r 

I like to mix the lower arts with the higher, combining crudity with sophisticated ethereal qualities. It’s perfect

if it clashes. With this mix I reach a blended audience,

that is encouraged to listen more freely; I like to open

the ears. My passion lies in building new sound sculptures, making exhibitions, and performing. I have taught adolesents and given workshops and lectures. I collaborate with musicians and ensembles. And I participate

now and then in unusual, large-scale projects that carry the audience along in total immersion experiences."                                                            

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